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The telecom industry, which was required to comply with new regulatory framework upon publication of the Electronic Communications Law, services in the area of the exercise of freedom of communication, a key constitutional right of the citizens. However, this service depends on fundamental criteria including privacy and protection of personal data to which freedom of communication legally rely on.

Accordingly, concepts legally put forth under the Constitution, the Civil Code and the Turkish Penal Code introduced requirements for determining the obligations and responsibilities specific to the telecommunications industry through the Electronic Communications Law and secondary legislation issued by the Information and Communications Technologies Authority (ICTA). Information security requirements specified by these requirements appear in a new format that also obligates the fulfillment of various service-related aspects such as service quality and ensuring business continuity.

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You will be able to derive major benefits from our services that are rendered on the back of our experience, know-how and unique perspective so as to respond to the industry’s high-level expectations and determine long-term strategies amid increasingly fiercer competition and a constantly evolving environment. Designed by our consultants with technically solid background, our team of engineers and managing partners, our working methodologies and service content can also be customized according to your specific needs. We will be happy to share the know-how gathered both in the telecom industry and in various other sectors to clients active in the telecommunications industry through the projects realized.

You can find below our services, of which the business approach, scope and outputs are formed according to the industry’s needs:

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In the rapidly evolving and highly competitive technology industry, enterprises need to pursue constant self-improvement in terms of technique and process so that organizations can keep pace with the changes.

Characterized by changing laws, diverse client demands and strategic decisions, the technology industry requires the organizations to internally develop worldwide accepted management system standards, within which IT targets and business goals support one another, and risks are identified.

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We will be happy to cater to your needs during the solution and implementation phases of demanded solutions drawing on the projects we have carried out with the companies active in the industry, our experience gained from international activities, our industry-specific consultancy, training and audit methodologies, and our technical team of engineers.

Services we have molded according to the technology industry are categorized under the following headings:

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