Lostar Inc., founded in 1998, provides competitive edge in an uncertain world of Business and Technology Risk Consulting. We help companies secure their business assets and digital infrastructure by providing a wide range of customized consulting around international standards and frameworks such as COBIT, ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and ISO 20000, as well as data protection services, auditing including Information Security Checkups, and trainings such as Employee Security Awareness Management.

We believe firmly that checks and balances should be in place to get things back on track before serious problems can emerge. For that reason, an important part of our work is involved in testing the system and checking the operation of both the equipment and people.

Lostar’s highly-trained and experienced consultants create optimal-cost solutions for their clients by focussing on their technical and commercial needs. Lostar has 3 offices in 3 different cities: Istanbul, Sakarya and London.

Our engineers have following certficiates:
  • CEH
  • CISA
  • C-SAP
  • OSCP
  • OSWP
  • ISO 270001 LA
  • ITIL