Red Team

Red Team

Lostar Red Team service simulates scenarios of potential cyber attacks targeting your organization.​ It assesses how well your company’s people, process and technology assets can survive against advanced threats by sophisticated hacker groups.


Challenge 1: We need to find out if our worst cyber-nightmare could come true?

A cyber incident could damage our reputation, erode our customer trust, and lead to regulatory fines and sanctions. We want to understand how likely it is for our cybersecurity nightmares to materialise and what the consequences would be.


First, Lostar Red Team defines your worst-case scenarios and identifies critical systems related to these - your 'crown jewels’. Then, focusing on these specific targets, Lostar experts emulate the techniques, tactics, and procedures of real adversaries to assess how resilient they are to cyber-attacks. Finally, they report weaknesses in people, processes and technology and guide you to prevent your worst nightmare from coming true.

Challenge 2: We need to understand if our security measures are effective

We made many investments in our security solutions to reduce cyber risks and improve our security posture. We now need to understand if these security solutions are effective in protecting us against cyberattacks and how capable our internal IT and security teams are in detecting and preventing threats.


Lostar Red Team measures your security solutions’ and team's ability to prevent simulated targeted cyberattacks. Tests are carried out without informing the security team, allowing Lostar to assess your technical solutions and your people's capability in defending your organisation. Remediation recommendations are provided to improve your security posture and help you maximise the benefits of your security investments.

Challenge 3: We need to learn if we could be targeted again with a similar cyberattack

We were hit by a cyber-attack recently. We want to find out if those critical systems which were previously targeted could be attacked and compromised again. We want to ensure we learned from the first incident and that we have a plan on how to react to future attacks.


Lostar Red Team performs attack emulations on previously targeted critical systems by using the same techniques that were initially employed by malicious actors, as per your digital forensics report. The Red Team documents the risks associated with each attack vector and provides detailed reporting of all identified findings so that your security team can not only remediate any existing vulnerability but also take long term actions to improve your security posture.

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