e-Discovery & Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is a discipline that renders evidence ready for submission to court using information elements so that judicial bodies can solve the crimes committed. Digital evidence of a crime on various digital media are converted into a comprehensible format without being deteriorated or damaged, using scientific methods.

eDiscovery service, on the other hand, gathers information from computers and other technological devices, which will be used in the judicial proceedings.


  • Collect and interpret evidence
  • Ensure reliability and legal validity of evidence
  • Provide use of electronic findings as evidence
  • Facilitate substantiation of guilt or innocence

How We Work

  • Contact people concerned with the computer forensics incident and get information about the occurrence of the incident and its potential impacts
  • eDiscovery/Evidence Gathering and Preservation: Collect possible digital evidence in relation to the scene security and initial response, and create examination copies to study the data
  • Examination and Description: Determine investigation methods, conduct technical investigation and obtain possible elements of crime
  • Evaluation: Identify the elements of crime possessing evidence quality
  • Reporting and Presentation: Prepare and document the findings and the evidence established, and make a presentation about the findings to relevant authorities

Confidentiality of the client and our conduct take top priority in computer forensics and eDiscovery services. Please contact us for further details and urgent intervention.